Flare P1

Captain Flare in his Phase 1 armor.

Flare P2

Captain Flare in his Phase 2 armor.

This is the archive of the Second-In-Command of the Battalion, Captain Flare.

Training on Kamino

Flare went through many trainings on Kamino, he passed them all with ease. As most clones did. When his training was almost complete, there was an attack on Kamino. The Separatists were attacking. He and the other Cadets ran to the armory to help join the defense. After they grabbed their weapons, they went to find the frontline of defense, the frontline was destroyed. They pushed the droids back as far as they could before they were all wiped out. Flare and a few others were the only ones left, so they turned back to find reinforcements. When they found the others they quickly got into position, just as the droids came around the corner. Blaster bolts filled the air. Clones and droids were dropping to the ground. At last, the droids retreated. And their leaders got away. For helping in the defense of Kamino, the Cadets were passed. They waited for their new assignments to be handed out.

Heading to Bal'demnic